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About Us

Our body is a temple and we have to treat it so.

at tea co believes in wellbeing, a state of physical and mental health.


In today's concrete world: we are plagued with constant stress and responsibilities, affecting our everyday happiness and long-term health. With the never-ending cycle of to-do's,  it is easy to overlook self-care and even easier to go down a spiral of negative habits. By making small, purposeful actions daily in which we relax, reset and reconnect with ourselves, we may regain agency of our wellbeing.

at tea co's mission is to help you achieve that by taking you through precious self-care rituals.

What We Do

at tea co specialises in herbal tea blends, otherwise known as tisanes. Most of our blends are created with a purpose to support wellness in body and mind.


Offering both caffeinated (tea blends) and non-caffeinated (herbal blends) varieties, you may enjoy our premium blends from morning to night!

We believe that everyone is unique with different needs. You can even create a tea blend to suit your body, your lifestyle, and your health!

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Our Promise

We pride ourselves in using only the purest ingredients. This means no added sweeteners, flavourings, additives and preservatives.


Everything you taste in our house blends are gifts from mother nature.

That means herbal blends that are delicious and good for you



owner & co-founder

Our Story

Founded in August 2020 by two best friends,  at tea co is now owned and managed by Bernice. 

A yoga instructor and physiotherapy student, Bernice is passionate about happy and sustainable living through health and wellness. 

While studying physiotherapy in Australia, Bernice struggled with excessive stress levels which impacted her physical and mental health. To manage insomnia, she started a bedtime routine. This comprised of drinking caffeine-free tea while reading - her daily self-care ritual.

After trying every variety on supermarket shelves and still not finding that perfect blend, she started mixing her own. 


In the midst of the pandemic in 2020, Bernice returned to Singapore from her studies in Australia - forcing a temporary halt in her study plans.


Back in Singapore, she brewed a personal blend for her best friend who loved it. Concurrently noticing the rise in similar stories of stress-related health issues (mental and physical) amongst her friends and the general population, she wanted a way to help them.


Thus the idea for at tea co was born! 

Bernice believes strongly in small self-care practices where one is able to relax and reset. She is passionate in learning about various herbs and concocting them into delightful drinks, thereby bringing you the tools to achieve wellness.